Fighters Gyms timetable

At Fighters Gym, we train everything from Muay Thai (Thaiboxing) to Western Boxing,
K-1 (kickboxing), work out and individual fitness training.

We have two full size boxing rings, a number of bags surrounding a 200 m2 Muay Thai training area.
Fighters gym is also equipped with a fitness area for weightlifting and fitness training.

We normally have 2 group classes a day (Muay Thai Basic) but currently only classes in the afternoon. However, we invite all practioners, from new beginners to advanced fighters that want to train hard and learn more within Muay Thai and Kickboxing during your stay at Rawai Beach.

We have all equipment needed for you to borrow during the class and we also have a shop filled with high quality Raja gloves, Raja shins, handwraps and outfits from our own brand if you want to use own stuff or bring home a souvenir.

Fighters Gym is alo a host for arranging bootcamps within martial arts, fitness or weightloss during specific weeks over the year (check out Fighters Bootcamp for info and prices)

If you want to boost your skills with private lessons, please feel free to contact us (either through the reception counter at the gym or via email and book a private training session.


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