Former UFC fighter Chris Lytle may have never challenged for a title but when it came to event-bonuses “Lights Out” was a divisional king. The seasoned scrapper won ten extra paychecks during his time in the Octagon including six Fight of the Night awards.

Though Lytle retired in his relative prime, opting to focus on his loved ones and an attempt at being elected to public office instead of in-ring glory, that’s not to say the 38-year old hasn’t considered a return to the ring. Lytle recently explained he wasn’t actively training for a comeback but would take a fight depending on the specifics involved”¦

“There always is and it never really left me. The reason I retired was because I wasn't putting enough time in with the family and I cannot commit myself to that kind of training again, where I’m gone at all times. You never know. I always said if the guy I wanted to fight has something happen to his opponent a week out, I might take that. That could happen, but barring that I’m not gonna go back to training full time.”

“There are a few guys, like a Nick Diaz type guy”¦maybe something like that. I like the way he comes forward, wants to fight you, punch you in the face, take you out”¦doesn’t really care about a decision, that’s the way I am. Carlos Condit, something like that.”

Check out the interview with Lytle below:

SOURCE: Middle Easy

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