Christmas might be less than a week away but rest assured Donald Cerrone and Nate Diaz won’t be exchanging any gifts for the holiday. Rather, they’re set to exchange strikes and submission attempts on December 30 as the co-headlining clash at UFC 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem. However, while some opponents find a way to remain civil in the weeks or months leading up to their bout, there is no love lost between Cerrone and Diaz even dating back to October before they had even been booked to fight.

Cerrone recently spoke about an exchange he had with Diaz at the open workouts before UFC 137 where he was scheduled to face Denis Siver and Diaz’s brother, Nick Diaz, was in attendance for a main event match-up with BJ Penn.

“Really the only personal interaction I’ve had with Nate is at the open workout prior to this fight. I walk over, just be like, ”˜Hey, what’s going on?’ and try to shake his hand. He slaps my hand away, called me a punk-ass, and walks off,” the 17-3 “Cowboy” revealed of the experience in a preview promoting their December 30 dance. “If you want to talk sh*t to me you’re just gonna enrage me and piss me off. So feed my f*cking flame. That’s what I say. Let’s go!”

Diaz also remembered the incident, explaining, “Yeah, he shouldn’t have done that. He’s in my bracket and we’re gonna fight each other. You go your way and I’ll go mine.”

Both lightweights are coming off impressive opening-round wins against Siver and Takanori Gomi respectively. Cerrone is also in position to cement his claim at a title-shot if he can get by Diaz, as it would be his seventh straight win and fifth of 2011.

Former LHW Champion Sees Gold in Cerrone's Future

Check out the full video below with Diaz/Cerrone talking about their encounter at about the 6:30 mark:


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