Former multi-promotional heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem has had a rough go as of late while preparing for this month’s Octagon debut against Brock Lesnar at UFC 141. After being forced to pack up camp and move back home to care for his sick mother the hulking Dutchman also nearly saw his fight fall apart based on some confusion surrounding the difference between drug-testing procedures in Holland and Nevada. However, Overeem has maintained a positive outlook on the situation despite the dark cloud currently hovering above his head at the moment.

Overeem Granted Conditional License After Missing Drug Testing Deadline

“I always try ”“ and sometimes you can’t ”“ but 99 percent of the time I manage to mentally turn things around to a positive,” Overeem recently wrote on his Yahoo Sports. “And on the positive side of all of this, I now know that if I train in Holland for a UFC fight again, I will need to go to England to do a test because the medical rules in Holland are too different to those in Nevada. It also helps me make my mind up to train in the US for my next UFC fight as long as I don’t have the same family issues to consider like I do right now.”

“Another positive is that I’m now the most tested fighter in the sport,” he continued. “I will be tested four times in three weeks, and then at least twice more in the next six months in addition to any testing for my next fight.”

Though some fighters might see such frequent testing as an annoyance or take issue with being singled out, “The Demolition Man” sees it as an opportunity to erase any lingering questions about his physique.

“I have had people ”“ I will politely call them ”˜haters’ ”“ accuse me of taking steroids since I was a 185-pound kickboxer at the age of 17,” Overeem began. “When I was 20, I’ve fought at a weight of 222 lbs. I am now aged 31, and weigh 35 lbs. more. I don’t think 35 lbs is too much to grow in 11 years from a 20-year-old to 31-year-old.”

“Facts are, I have been tested with the commission numerous times before when I fought in the U.S. and got tested in Japan. I always passed any testing, so hopefully now with these next tests coming and the fact of me being the most tested fighter in the sport, the critics may be satisfied. And if not, well, that’s not my problem, that is their problem.”

As far as his next problem, Overeem will battle Lesnar on December 30 with the winner moving on to a title-shot against divisional king Junior dos Santos. Other notable UFC 141 fights include Jon Fitch vs. Johny Hendricks and Donald Cerrone vs. Nate Diaz.


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