The Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale takes place tonight in Las Vegas, Nevada, and as always, will be bringing  you the action and results all night long. In the main event, TUF 16 coach Roy Nelson will mix it up with Matt Mitrione in a heavyweight row, while finalists Colton Smith and Mike Ricci will scuffle to see who will win the Season 16 crown and attached six-figure contract.

The Ultimate Fighter: Team Carwin vs. Team Nelson
December 15, 2012
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Main Card (FX - 9:00 PM EST)

Roy Nelson vs. Matt Mitrione

Round 1
Nelson coming  forward early and is throwing jabs but Mitrione s keeping him on the outside. Mitrione keeps throwing a high kick, and Nelson clinches with Mitrione and they are wrestling on the fence. Mitrione throws an elbow on the exit, Nelson stalking again. Fighters exhanging but Nelson is getting the better of the exchanges. Mitrione gets caught with a left hook, right hook, left  uppercut that floors Mitrione. Nelson finishes the fight at 2:58 with strikes.

Roy Nelson def. Matt Mitrione by technical knockout at 2:58 of round 1 (strikes)

Colton Smith vs. Mike Ricci

Round 1
Smith dives in for the take down almost right away, but  Ricci lands some big elbows. Smith gets the takedown but Ricci pops right back up. Smith scrambles to take the back standing  up he gets it and gets the back on the ground. Smith starts to softening him up with punches and sink in the rear naked choke. Ricci defending well. Ricci scrambles up and they separate. Smith dives for another ankle pick, but it doesn't come as easy this time. Now clinched on the fence, Smith gets the takedown but Ricci is already using the cage to stand.  Smith landing knees as the bell sounds. Score: 10-9 Smith

Round 2
Ricci coming forward early and Ricci seems to catch a shot to the groin, but mazzagatti lets them fight. Smith now clinching him on the fence. Smith gets the takedown but Ricci butt scoots to the fence so he can wall walk out to stand  up. Smith on the back now, and he grabs a rear naked choke but Ricci sneaks out the back door and gets up. Smith grabs him and pulls him back down again. Smith puts in the hooks and is now working on the choke, again Ricci defending well. Score: 10-9 Smith

Round 3
Ricci coming forward and lands a body kick and Smith uses it to drag him back down to the ground. Smith moves to his back and starts softening him up with punches. Smith working from back mount is trying hard for the rear naked choke, and softening  him up with punches. Smith with back mount still Ricci scrambles  up, Ricci sneaks in and gets the back of Smith. Smith shakes him off and for a second Ricci had a chance at getting an armbar. Smith defends well, and scrambles to the back of Ricci. Score: 10-9 Smith Totals: 30-27  Smith

Colton Smith def. Mike Ricci via unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 30-26)



Pat Barry vs. Shane del Rosario

Round 1
Barry takes the center and del Rosario opens up with a body kick. Barry starts working on the low kicks on del Rosario. del Rosario clinches and starts working the knees. Clinching on the fence, del Rosario landing body shots for a while now. Barry creates space, del Rosario dives in for a takedown and ends up on the back of Barry. del Rosario working for the rear naked choke and was close for a second there. Barry defends but del Rosario comes close to getting the arm bar. Score: 10-9 del Rosario

Round 2
Barry coming forward early, and lands a left hook over the top that sent del Rosario stumbling backwards and Barry lands two huge right hands that knocks del Rosario out cold. walk off knock out style.

Pat Barry def. Shanr del Rosario by knockout at :26 of round 2(strikes)

Melvin Guillard vs. Jamie Varner-Cancelled 

Dustin Poirier vs. Jonathan Brookins

Round 1
Poirier takes the center but Brookins looking to come forward. Brookins lands a shot that stumbles Poirier and Brookins swarms on Poirier landing plenty of strikes up against the fence. Brookins breaks apart and lands more shots. Poirier seems to have his senses back, and is now clinching with Brookins. Poirier lands a nice hook, and Brookins shoots in for a takedown. The bad news is Brookins keeps backing up straight back with his chin up. Poirier now putting together combinations. Poirier lands a nice straight on Brookins that folds him over, he pops back up but Poirier just starts lighting him up with a 4 shot combination. Brookins shoots in on Poirier, but Poirier frames  up the brabo choke and gets the tap.

Dustin Poirier def. Jonathan Brookins by submission at 4:14 of round 1 (brabo choke)

Preliminary Card (Fuel TV - 7:00 PM EST)

Mike Pyle vs. James Head

Round 1
Head takes the center and is walking down Pyle. Head swarms in and lands a shot, but Pyle clinches and gets space. Head does it again, but this time lands even more shots than clinches him up on the fence. Pyle throws a nice right hand down the middle of his own. Head rushes in and Pyle grabs the thai clinch, and Head goes to work on the body. Pyle spins Head around  and lands the  knee that crumples Head to the floor. A few shots from the top ends Head’s night.

Mike Pyle def. James Head via technical knockout at 1:55 of round 1 (knee)
Johnny Bedford vs. Marcos Vinicius

Round 1
Vinicius takes the center and Bedford swarms in with strikes backing up Vinicius. Bedford gets the takedown and both fighters go to work on the floor. Vinicius threatened with a guillotine choke but Bedford wasn’t having  it. Vinicius really neutralizing Bedford who is unable to get any offense going on the floor. Bedford gets up and lets him up. Fighters back exchanging and its Bedford who is winning these battles. He is  using his jab very well. Bedford lands a big right hook that drops Vinicius and he swarms and lands shots from ½ guard. Ref close to stopping it but Bedford moves to side control lands some elbows and Vinicius scrambles up to eat some knees on the fence before the bell Score: 10-9 Bedford

Round 2
Bedford with a lot of confidence going into this round. Bedford  catches a low kick in the groin and we are stopped. Back fighting, and Vinicius misses big with a spinning back kick. Bedford  lands a straight right that folds Vinicius and he drops to the floor. Bedford swarms in with punches and soccer kicks Vinicius to the body. Bedford landed another one two from the top that put Vinicius out cold.

Johnny Bedford def. Marcos Vinicius by knockout at 1:00 of round 2 (strikes)


Vinc Pichel vs. Rustam Khabilov

Round 1
Khabilov takes the center, and Pichel is light on his feet. Khabilov swarms in with a flurry and scrambles for a takedown. Khabilov goes to work from half guard, but Pichel scrambles  up only to get german suplexed back down. Credit to Pichel he keeps getting  up, but Khabilov is rag dolling hm around the octagon. Khabilov grabs Pichel and german suplexes him again and he scrambles up, but Khabilov does it again and Pichel is pretty much out from slam. He eats some shots and the ref stops the fight.

Rustam Khabilov def. Vinc Pichel via knockout  at 2:15 of round 1 (slam)

TJ Waldburger vs. Nick Catone

Round 1
Catone is pressing forward but Waldburger clinches and pushes him against the fence. Waldburger dives in for a takedown, and they begin grappling back and forth. Catone gets a takedown and works some ground and pound. Waldburger scrambles up, but Catone has his back. Waldburger frames up a kimura and jumps guard  trying to get the submission. Catone gets out and they begin to scramble, and  Catone ends up on his back Score: 10-9 Catone

Round 2
Catone opens  up with a high kick and Waldburger lands a right hand that stumbles Catone. Waldburger swarms him and starts landing shots, and Catone dives in for a takedown. Waldburger pulls  guard and scrambles into a triangle choke that puts Catone to sleep.

TJ Waldburger def. Nick Catone via technical submission at 1:04 of round 2 (triangle choke)


Preliminary Card (Facebook - 5:30 PM EST)

Reuben Duran vs. Hugo Viana

Round 1
Duran the bigger fighter in this one. After some feeling out Viana lands a nice right hand that wakes  up Duran. Viana lands a big left hook that drops Duran but he scrambles  up, and now Viana is lighting up Duran. Duran clinches and slows down the action. Viana breaks apart and wants to continue throwing with Duran again. Duran is throwing strikes but he is landing very little. Viana lands another big right hand and drops Duran for a second time,  and he pops back up. He isn’t up for long as Viana catches him with a right that sends Duran face first to the floor.

Hugo Viana def. Reuben Duran via technical knockout at 4:05 of round 1 (strikes)

Mike Rio vs. John Cofer

Round 1
Cofer goes to the body with a kick after some feeling  out. Rio goes for the takedown, but doesn’t get it. Rio now clinching him on the fence and using knees to control Cofer. Rio goes back to work on the lead leg after the split up, but Cofer isn’t pulling the trigger. Cofer catches Rio with a hook and  it stuns him, Rio jumps in for a takedown and it leads to them clinching on the fence again. Rio seems gathered after the hit, and they are back to feeling each other  out. Rio dives in for a takedown and gets it, and begins working from guard. Cofer dives for a leg, and uses it to sweep Rio, but he isn’t doing much from the top. Score: 10-9 Cofer

Round 2
Rio goes back to the leg kicks right away. Both fighters going toe to toe but its Cofer wiinning the battles. Rio grabs a hold of Cofer and picks him up and slams him. In side control Rio lands some shots, and gets up. Cofer is landing a straight left almost at will. Rio standing in there and trading shots, but he is doing it with his chin up in the air where Cofer can get it. Cofer now clinching with Rio on the fence and he is landing heavy knees. Rio dives in for a takedown and gets it, right into mount. Rio takes Cofer’s back and they are standing, but Cofer shakes him off and is working from guard with ground and pound. Score: 10-9 Rio

Round 3
Fighters exchanging in the center and Rio gets a takedown off of a punch. Rio moves into  side mount and working elbows from side mount. Rio threatening with an arm lock, and they scramble, and Rio has a straight armbar framed up. Cofer slips out and ends up on top, but Rio isn’t leaving him much room. Rio frames up another armbar and catches it, he rolls over Cofer and gets the tap.
Mike Rio def. John Cofer via submission at 4:11 of round 3 (armbar)

Jared Papazian vs. Tim Elliott

Round 1
Papazian comes out early swinging and Elliott goes for a takedown and gets it but Papazian jumps up to his feet and gets caught in a guillotine. Papazian slips out and after a Elliott lands on top is working from full guard. Elliott pulls guard with a guillotine but Papazian slips out. Elliott gets up but takes a knee on his butt. Illegal shot stops the action. Start the action and Elliott is still wobbled. Elliott catches him with a left hand and is now working from the top. Elliott moves to mount and starts to ground and pound. Papazian scrambles up, and now Papazian is teeing off on Elliott, but Elliott clinches and they wrestle on the fence. Score: 10-9 Elliot

Round 2
Papazian landing from the outside early, and Elliott still looks shakey. Elliott shoots for a takedown, and works from sidemount with elbows. Papazian cut over the  right eye. Elliott lets him up, the nose is broken of Papazian. Papazian lands a huge uppercut that prompts Elliott to shoot but Papazian pops right back up. Papazian is stalking Elliott, and Elliott looks like he is fresher because he is hopping around, but its Papazian who is picking and landing his shots. Elliott gets the takedown right as the round ends. Score: 10-9 Elliot

Round 3
Elliot shoots for a takedown almost right away, Papazian scrambles up but Elliot pulls guard for a guillotine he didn't get. After a scramble they begin to exchange, and Elliot lands a left that drops Papazian. Elliot moves into mount and begins pounding on Papazian. Papazian rolls over, and Elliot moves to the back and grabs the hooks. Elliot continues to pound on Papazian, and Papazian is bloodied up. Elliot working on the rear naked choke but he moves to mounts and Papazian scrambles up. Elliot dives in for a takedown and gets it. Elliot working over Papazian from guard and landing some ground and pound. Score: 10-9 Elliot Totals: 30-27  Elliot

Tim Elliott def. Jared Papazian by unanimous decision (30-25, 30-25, 30-26)


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