At the chance you have been living off the grid in the woods for most of 2012, you may not know that Roy Nelson is sponsored by VADA (Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency.) Nelson turned the screws on Shane Carwin when he was planning  on fighting him at the Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale as opposing coaches. Now that Carwin is out, Nelson is doing the same thing to Matt Mitrione.

Mitrione is saying that he took the fight on two weeks notice, he didn’t need the distraction of dealing with VADA, and he especially doesn’t like the way he has been going about it.

He told MMAJunkie:

"I think it's a hot topic right now, but I feel that the shystiest of all shysty people is associated with that program ”¦If Roy wants to bring it up to me, why doesn't Roy bring it up to them and then they call me directly?... Why would Roy call me directly and be like, 'Hey, here's the VADA stuff'? What the f--- kind of a president of a company would say, 'Hey, just go ahead and handle that yourself'? You want to get the attention from it? Want kind of bulls--- is that?"

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