If UFC President Dana White had any hair to speak of he likely would have pulled it out over the past few days based on some recent news relating to Alistair Overeem’s licensing status in Nevada, a State where he is scheduled to face Brock Lesnar on December 30 in the main event at UFC 141.

According to the NSAC, Overeem failed to submit a urine sample for pre-fight drug testing as had been required, explaining he hadn’t been made aware of the requirement until after he’d travelled back to Holland to finish training camp while taking care of his sick mother. When informed of the necessity he got a blood test done rather than urine, and though it came back clean it did not meet the actual requirements.

When asked to explain himself, “The Demolition Man” explained under oath, “In my case, there were three factors involved. My mother is not doing so well, and that is why I moved my camp back to my country. Second, because this is my first fight with the state of Nevada and the UFC. Thirdly, because the procedures of testing in Holland differ significantly than the procedure in the States.”

Overeem has since done the urine test and expects to have the results in the next few days. For now he will be granted a conditional license meaning he will be allowed to fight Lesnar, and maintain his eligibility, if he meets a trio of requirements ”“ 1.) A urine sample from a NSAC-recognized facility in Europe (which he’s allegedly done, 2.) An immediate urine test upon arrival in Nevada before the event, and 3.) Two out-of-competition tests in the six months following his headlining fight with Lesnar.

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Since jumping up from a semi-scrawny light heavyweight to a hulking heavyweight, the 31-year old has received criticism relating to performance enhancing drugs but has never tested dirty or been caught using them. While his current standing with the NSAC is in no way indicative of his guilt, perception can often be reality and that means UFC officials will likely be walking on eggshells, and with a back-up plan in place, until Overeem lands in Las Vegas and gets additional clearance from the athletic commission.


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