A big part of the driving force behind the UFC’s selection of light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and questionable contender Chael Sonnen as coaches on the Ultimate Fighter 17 was the mutual dislike the two competitors apparently had for one another. Interestingly enough, after spending time together on set it appears the relationship between Jones and Sonnen is not as negative as it once was.

Jones admitted such in a recent interview, though he made it clear his newfound appreciation for Sonnen on a personal level wouldn’t take away from his ultimate goal of smashing him when the two face off on April 27”¦

“I think I have a little bit more respect for him after spending six weeks with the guy. He’s definitely not as bad a character as I thought. He’s a pretty decent person when he’s not trying to promote a fight. His antics can be a little overboard but him as a person, he’s not too bad.”

“I feel good. My elbow is healing up pretty good. I’m feeling strong. I fought through it for the Vitor fight and I’m sure I’ll fight through it if it gives me anymore problems.”

Check out the complete interview below:


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