As we reported on, during his championship fight Benson Henderson, Nate Diaz paused to give the champion the finger when he slipped out of a submission attempt in the UFC on FOX 5 main event. The action violated decency policies adopted by FOX and the FCC even though MMA fans typically aren't the type to get upset over something so minimal.

Still, to the UFC’s credit, they were quick on the "drop" button, and fans at home only saw the bird fly for a second. In the past few days, the story was picked up by the LA Times and some popular social media websites, and FOX has finally made a comment about Diaz's behavior.

A FOX spokesperson told MMAFighting:

"It’s not appropriate for air, but the folks in the UFC’s production truck were on the ball. They cut away so quickly that it was virtually indiscernible to the naked eye. We regret even a small fraction of a second snuck through."

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