Leading up to a May match-up with Chan Sung Jung, UFC featherweight Dustin Poirier was seen as one of the division’s brightest prospects and still is to a certain extent. However, Jung’s dominance of Poirier en route to a fourth-frame submission win certainly hurt the 23-year old’s stock and sent him back to the drawing board.

Fortunately for his fans, Poirier has used the loss as a motivational tool rather than let it affect his overall confidence, and he expects to show how far he's come since the stumble when he faces Jonathan Brookins this weekend at the Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale.

“This is going to sound cheesy, but this is my passion. Every day I wake up and try to better myself. All day, every day, everything I do is to be a better fighter. This is my job, my hobby; this is everything to me. Winning another fight means everything for me, and I feel like I’m going to go in there and make a statement.”

“I have a bunch of amateur fights and 14 pro fights, and I’ve never lost two fights in a row in my life. I can’t even picture myself losing another fight. I’m trying to stay relevant, and I’m trying to be a name people want to see fight ”“ someone the UFC puts on main cards. I’m trying to provide for me and my wife, and the only way to do that is to win fights.”

“It sucks to have (another) loss on my record ”“ I can never have that back. It’s another person who defeated me. He conquered me that night. I can never get that back, and that hurts me because I’m a warrior ”“ I want to battle, and I want to win every fight. I want to be a legend, so I have to take it and learn from it. I feel like one day I’m going to get my chance to fight him again, and I’m going to do what I should have done in the first fight. Looking back on it, it was a huge learning experience for me, and I’m hoping to not make those mistakes again.”


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