Two strange things happened last night at UFC on FOX 5 and there is a good chance you missed them unless you were paying close attention to the Benson Henderson-Nate Diaz fight. After going through main event with a fine tooth comb, the MMA community has figured out why the audio kept cutting off and why the picture sometimes switched to a far shot of the Octagon. Also, if fans were really sharp, they may have also noticed Henderson walking around the cage with a toothpick in his mouth BEFORE he made it to his corner.

In the first case, on one occasion, Diaz was working on a leg submission when Henderson did the full splits to avoid the danger. At that point, those tuning in at home saw a wide shot from the rafters on their television screens. What folks missed at home was Diaz giving the finger to Henderson, something that didn't fly with FOX producers . More frequently during the night, the sound kept cutting out...thanks to profanity from Diaz's corner.

The picture of Nate Diaz flipping off Henderson: (images open to new window/tab)
Nate Diaz Middle Finger Henderson






After the main event, when it was clear that Henderson had  done more than enough to win the fight, Henderson headed back to his corner and the camera zoomed in on him. Upon closer inspection, it was clear Henderson had a toothpick in his mouth despite not having had any contact with anyone in his corner. After the press conference, Henderson eventually admitted he's had a longtime (and bad) habit of fighting with a toothpick in his mouth.

While this may seem like no big deal to some fight fans, its highly illegal to bring anything into the cage besides your shorts, cup and mouth guard. Simply put, you can’t have a fighter in the cage with a hunk of wood in his mouth let alone a pointed one. It will be interesting to see if there will be any penalty to Henderson this time around, though it seems to be a certainty that the athletic commission overseeing the champ's next fight will be looking for it.







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