One of the inherently frustrating, yet wonderful, things about MMA is the difficulty in predicting winners with consistency. Bouts will always possess a wild card factor by the simple fact they’re fights at the core and when it comes to a couple of folks facing off there’s always the chance one might make a mistake or catch the other with the ever present “lucky” punch that’s actually a perfectly timed strike.

Another component adding to the complexity is the subjective nature involved in that fans don’t tend to pick against fighters they like or favor those they dislike. However, when it comes to something like a computer that factor is removed and replaced by basic programming.

Machida Talks Strategy Against Jones in Extended UFC 140 Preview

Such a thing was put to the test recently in relation to this weekend’s headlining bout at UFC 140 between light heavyweight champ Jon Jones and former title-holder Lyoto Machida when THQ's UFC Undisputed 3, scheduled for a February release, ran 25 simulations of the match-up and”¦

”¦well, watch this video of highlights and check it out yourself (SPOILERS under the video):


Jones won 18 of 25 simulations with the majority of victories coming by way of TKO


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