UFC welterweight Johny Hendricks has staked his claim for top contendership by running through the bulk of his opponents including wins in his last five fights. Were that not enough, the 14-1 Hendricks also took out Jon Fitch and Martin Kampmann by way of knockout along the way, not to mention notched a hard-fought victory over Josh Koscheck.

However, champion Georges St-Pierre seems locked in on a bout with rival Nick Diaz, leaving the bearded brawler out in the cold. Hendricks recently spoke about the situation and made it clear he was not only confused by GSP’s behavior but angry as well”¦

“All day yesterday I'm sitting and trying to run through my head, "Why would you (St-Pierre) not want to face me when I'm the number one contender? Why do you want to face somebody that lost (Diaz) his last fight?"

GSP just beat the guy (Carlos Condit) who beat him. He's (Diaz) has been out for a year. Here I am in that year, I fought all these guys to earn my spot. That's what I really have been trying to do and that's earn my way.

To see GSP say that he hates seeing people that talk trash and here he is rewarding a guy and giving him a title shot. I don't see the logic behind that.”

“Here I am yesterday and everybody is like, ”˜You have to be more of a douchebag to get a title shot.’ That kind of stuff made me mad. I don't want to be that way. Here's the thing, whenever somebody takes your livelihood and that kind of opportunity away from you, I believe you should be pissed. Everybody is saying, ”˜Johny, quit your crying and whining,’ and I'm like, "Guys, it isn't whining whenever you earn something, you deserve it.’”

“I like to fight, I love fighting. If they (UFC) say I have to fight, guess what, I'm an employee of the UFC. If you don't do what your employer says, you get fired.”


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