The Dec. 8 showdown between B.J. Penn and Rory MacDonald at UFC On Fox 5 will be the culmination of months of intense training ”“ and schoolyard name-calling. You’re fat! You’re pimply! Online bickering aside, both Penn and MacDonald are accomplished MMA warriors whose track records in the Octagon speak volumes more than their tweets. Each man has distinct strengths and shortcomings (and, incidentally, each has a unique relationship with welterweight overlord Georges St. Pierre). took every statistic and factoid into account, crunched the numbers and created this handy infographic as a predictive guide to this heated showdown.

Rory MacDonald vs BJ Penn
Rory MacDonald vs BJ Penn


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Rory MacDonald vs BJ Penn
Rory MacDonald vs BJ Penn - UFC on Fox 5

It turns out, by the way, that the Twitter name-calling might actually affect the outcome of the fight. During a recent media conference call, Penn admitted that being called fat by MacDonald “lit a fire under my butt,” inspiring him to drop from 40 percent body fat down to a lean 10 percent. Which leads us to wonder if MacDonald started using Proactive Solution for his pimples.

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