It’s likely as many fans know Jason Miller from his hosting duties on MTV’s Bully Beatdown as they do from his job as a Mixed Martial Artist. Based on that, perhaps it’s fitting the UFC selected Michael Bisping as Miller’s first opponent during his first real run inside the Octagon.

Bisping is viewed by many as a “bully” given his past antics, an opinion Miller shares after spending time with “The Count” as a coach on the Ultimate Fighter Season 14. “Mayhem” spoke some on the matter in a recent interview where he accused the Brit of tucking his tail when things got heated.

“He’s a bully, and if you stand up to the bully, he’s gonna break,” said Miller in an interview with the UFC’s website. “And we saw that throughout the entire season. He would pick on other guys, and then when I got in his face, he would kinda shy away. And once we meet in the cage, there’s not gonna be anywhere for him to run. He can’t avoid fighting me.”

Bisping Wants to Put Miller in the Hospital at TUF 14 Finale

However, while the 30-year old jokester might take additional pleasure in pummeling Bisping this Saturday night at the Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale, he clarified things by stating he wasn’t especially motivated by his personal opinion of his upcoming opponent, revealed his ultimate objective in MMA goes far beyond something as trivial as disliking a fellow competitor.

“My goal is to get a belt. That’s why I’m in here. And I know I can beat Anderson Silva; I just need to get in front of him. You put me in front of him, I’m the champion, and I say that with one hundred percent conviction,” Miller began. “I know that styles make fights and I know I can get him on the floor and submit him. I definitely can do it, so I just need to get that chance, and whoever stands in front of me is gonna fall. That’s all that I’m thinking about at this point in my life. I have a title run in me that needs to come out, and I know I can walk out of the cage with the belt around my waist.”

“As far as my fighting career is concerned, that (winning a title) is the reason I go to the gym,” Miller concluded before adding that his drive has him reconsidering the fight style people have been accustomed to in the past. “And I think for many years, that wasn’t the reason. Maybe it was because it seemed so far away that I didn’t have the same motivation. My motivation before was to just put on exciting fights. That was all I wanted to do ”“ entertain everybody. Now I have a renewed interest in the fight game because I know that the way the middleweight division shakes out, I can get a belt. So I’m gonna do it.”

Interested parties can watch Miller attempt to take his initial step towards fulfilling his dream when the Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale broadcast starts up on Spike TV at 8:00 PM EST. Other bouts on the card include Yves Edwards vs. Tony Ferguson and both TUF 14 tournament finals.


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