Though it’s impossible to know exactly how the future will unfold in a sport as frenetic as Mixed Martial Arts, if the stars align in a certain fashion it stands to reason light heavyweights Dan Henderson and Chael Sonnen could end up facing off for the UFC title at some point in 2013. Sonnen is scheduled to face champion Jon Jones in April, while “Hendo” is meeting Lyoto Machida in a few months for the distinction of being cemented as top contender.

Making the match-up particularly intriguing is the notion that Henderson and Sonnen are friends and train together at Team Quest. If a scrap between Sonnen-Henderson did indeed start to materialize, Randy Couture ”“ who has roots with the gym ”“ thinks both men would be open to action against the other out of respect for the spirit of competition.

“Yeah I think they'd fight. They've wrestled each other spots on the Olympic team. They're wrestlers at the end of the day and now they're fighters. They're professionals; this is what we do.”

“I think they'd be friends before, they'd be friends after but they'd go out there and compete and they know each other pretty well. It would be an interesting competition. I think they'd both put it on the line and fight when it came down to it.”


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