Defending heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos told the media a few months ago that he would fight Alistair Overeem whenever the UFC wanted “even if he was created  in a lab” (a jab at Overeem’s suspension for testosterone use). As such, it is no surprise to hear Overeem have some not-so-nice things to say about the current heavyweight king.

Likewise, it’s even less shocking to hear that Overeem is picking Cain Velasquez in their UFC 155 showdown on December 29...

Overeem told the Las Vegas Sun:

"I want dos Santos to win so I can beat him, but I think Cain is going to take care of him for me, unfortunately. Junior is going to get taken down. He’s going to get ground-and-pounded. Junior has been doing the zig-zag. He wants to fight me then he doesn’t, so then he fights Cain. I think he’s going to have his hands full with Cain. He’s going to lose."

Overeem explained why he decided to take a fight with Antonio ”˜Bigfoot’ Silva:

“If I waited for Cain vs. JDS, it would probably be next summer already. It’s been a year since I fought, so you’ve got to consider ring rust. You need to have the experience to use fighting as much as possible. Being out for 18 months would not have been positive.”


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