Journalists sometimes make mistakes. In the rush to get to the next big story as quickly as possible, sometimes details get overlooked and the truth gets obscured or even outright forgotten. ufc star Matt Brown likely had a fun few hours when he first got hold of an online report stating that he had been released from his UFC contract. While that turned out not to be the case, I’ve got to wonder if it was sound logic to begin with. Here are all the details.

Bleacher Report gives us a nice little synopsis of this particular mini-scandal: earlier this week, on a broadcast of ESPN’s “MMA Live”, it was reported that Matt Brown had been cut from the UFC after losing three straight fights, all of them by submission. According to famed internet journalist Ariel Helwani, however, that is not the case. Helwani recently took to Twitter to announce that Brown will in fact remain employed with the UFC, citing the UFC itself as his source.

This isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last, that false MMA news has hit the net and made its rounds before getting corrected. Just a short while ago, it was reported that old-school UFC veteran Kimo Leopoldo had in fact died, with multiple websites picking up the story, only for it to be revealed by Leopoldo himself that he was still quite among the living. Even more recently, a report surfaced shortly after the UFC’s release of Todd Duffee that saw Duffee’s manager call the man an “ass”. It turns out he was misquoted and actually called his fighter an “asset”.

But in all honesty, I think the reason so many websites jumped the gun and picked up on this story is because it sounds so plausible. The UFC has been growing increasingly more competitive on a per-event basis, to the point where I’ve said time and time again that no contract is safe and that no one is immune to the UFC’s pink slip. I’ve even wondered aloud if the UFC is approaching a point where they begin putting too much pressure on their fighters with their super-competitive nature. In the case of Matt Brown, however, I really don’t think you can make any sort of case at all.

Three straight submission losses. That’s just not good, not good at all. They were entertaining fights, and Brown had won three straight before this losing streak, but still”¦ he’s 0-3 in three attempts and hasn’t recorded a win in over a calendar year. Brown is already 4-4 in the UFC since debuting in 2008, but if Matt Brown loses his next fight, he will have officially lost as many fights as he’s won in his entire career as a professional Mixed Martial Artist.

I’m not trying to be heartless and without sympathy, but the fact of the matter is that releasing Matt Brown makes a lot more sense than releasing someone like Todd Duffee, or Efrain Escudero, or the recently-released Gerald Harris. The UFC can’t keep mixing up its precedents: either you can stay employed even if you lose so long as you put on entertaining performances, or a loss is a loss is a loss and you have to win and win dominantly time and time again in order to remain gainfully employed. They shouldn’t be able to have it both ways, because right now, this double standard reeks of favoritism and unfairness.

And what about you, fans and friends? What do you make of Matt Brown’s situation?

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