joined the UFC On FOX 5 media conference call, and updated the happenings in real time. UFC President Dana White. Erick Shanks President of FOX Sports Media, Benson Henderson, Nate Diaz, BJ Penn, Rory McDonald and Mauricio Shogun Rua were all part of the call. Everyone had UFC On Fox 5 on the mind as everyone gets ready for a possible 'card of the year' candidate.




-St.Pierre/Silva, No Details-haven't spoken with anyone

-TUF is our tripple A, we have been able to introduce a lot of good fighters through the show.

-FOX are the guys we want to be with forever.

-We want to put the best fights we could put on FOX.  Its been hard to keep a card together this year.

-We are a PPV company, we showcase these guys on TV, and then we can build them on ppv

-For us, the impact of being on Fox, is huge for us. Its a global media, and its impossible for it to not get bigger. We love this company.

-This is a big fight for Rory. No one is going in there and running over BJ Penn, and this is a big test for him.


ERIC SHANKS, President, FOX Sports Media Group

-The UFC are going to play a huge role on FOX TV and on cable, and it will play a bigger and bigger role as time goes on.

-We knew this relationship is going to grow and get bigger every year. The first year was really to promote the UFC along side the other sports. We have introduced new advertisers categories. This relationship is going to look different later, and will eventually grow.

-we like the idea of 4 Fox cards a year on the network.

BENSON HENDERSON, UFC lightweight champion

-For fighting Nate, I have to take what I can get with Nate. If its a close fight, ill take it anyway I can get it. Sometimes a fight can't be decisive. Nate Diaz is darn tough.

-Life is a process. You don't buld a fighter in a day. You have to lay the ground work and build yourself up. I have big shoes to fill, and im excited to get that chance.

NATE DIAZ, UFC lightweight title challenger

-This is a big fight, this is a biggest thing going on. Trying to be ready for this fight.


-I got the itch that I wanted to fight again, and I think Rory is great up and comer and tough guy.  I also wanted to have another fight with tristar.

-I realize its a painstaking thing for the UFC to deal with, but I want my final fights to be safe for me.

-Im taking this one fight at a time. I don't have any plans after December 8th.

-I think superfights are great. I think Dana White makes that stuff happen all the time. Dana you're the man.

-Rory really lit a fire under my butt, when he talked and pulled out of the fight. This has always been a fight for me, I love fighting.

-I never lost my mentality, but I know I can't do this forever. I am expecting the best BJ ever.

-it bothers me that no one is talking about me when they talk about the great fighters. and that bothers. I dont want people to say he was good back in the day.  I am good now.


-I just want to fight more often. After this fight with BJ, ill be able to do short notice fights.

-No Gsp won't be in my corner. GSP told me a few things, but Im not really concerned about the past or info from gsp


(Author-I cant understand/hear Shogun's translator through connection)

-...changed his training and wants to be ready.

-I didnt have time to get ready for Jones on such short notice.

-Looking to put on a good show with the fans, and we will see what happens.

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