Some fighters are nothing but business in the Octagon. From the judges instructions to getting their hands raised, such competitors hardly crack a smile or enjoy the opportunity they've been given. However, UFC welterweight Dan Hardy isn’t one of those people. Hardy is typically a focused fighter in the cage during a fight, but he is no stranger to playing along while Bruce Buffer announces his name or catering to the crowd.

And, though the Brit understands he is in no position to be asking for any particular opponent and has to win a few more fights until he can call guys out, Hardy recently said it was a shame Diego Sanchez was moving back down to 155 pounds because he thinks it would feel like a circus to fight him.

He told ESPN:

"Diego Sanchez would be great. The guy's hilarious, I can't take him seriously. I think a fight with him would be a lot of fun, why not?!"

When Hardy was asked out Sanchez’s famous ”˜YES!’ mantra:

"I'll be doubled-up from laughter if he's doing that! Especially if he comes out to the Mariachi music - because that's just fantastic. It's like a circus, like a festival!"

As for Hardy’s future:

"I have a rough schedule in my head of when I'm going to fight next, which the UFC usually throw out the window so it doesn't make a great deal of difference anyway. I'm looking at the end of March, beginning of April. I don't want to slip back into the habit of taking fights just to fight. I'm making improvements now.”


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