Johny Hendricks’ coach Steven Wright knows exactly what they want to happen in the welterweight division. Wright feels that Hendricks has done more than enough to warrant a fight with defending champion Georges St-Pierre. There is a good chance GSP fights Anderson Silva next, but Wright is doing a good job at selling the idea of a scuffle with the bearded brawler. Wright recently broke down Hendricks’ speed and ability to stay calm in the pocket, and talked a little about St-Pierre's recent outing at UFC 154.

Wright told Sherdog:

I think that guys who are the best in the world on the feet, your Jose Aldos, your Anderson Silvas, those guys are comfortable standing right in front of someone. I believe that that’s something you can teach, and Johny Hendricks is really good at picking stuff up like that. Plus, he’s a phenomenal fast-twitch athlete with just natural power that you can’t teach.

He concluded on GSP:

Clearly, after the resume that we’ve put together, we definitely want GSP....For GSP to overcome that moment, the moment he wasn’t able to overcome against [Matt] Serra, it speaks volumes to me on how skilled this guy is. That’s why we that much more want to fight him because we want to go against that level.”

What do you guys think? Do you want Anderson Silva-GSP or Hendricks-GSP?


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