With this being the second time that Luke Rockhold has pulled out of a fight with Lorenz Larkin, its understandable to hear that Larkin’s camp is upset about the whole situation. Actually upset would be an understatement, as Larkin’s manager Arnold DeWitt is already speaking to the media about how unprofessional the whole thing is on the part of Rockhold. The man has a point, Rockhold has been nursing a sprained wrist for quite sometime now, but injuries are a part of daily life in MMA. No matter what happens now, Dewitt says the Rockhold fight has to happen.

Dewitt told MMADiehards:

 At this point we’re highly frustrated.  We were prepared to fight Luke Rockhold for the title regardless of what’s going to happen with Strikeforce after January 12th.  We’ve been prepared both times and this is just totally unprofessional.

If you receive a bout agreement and can’t fight you should say something right away. He’s putting a lot of pressure on matchmakers because they’re trying to put on this final card.  What are you doing to Zuffa when you’re pulling out and they’re spending weeks on promoting the fight?  Now they have to find a replacement fight and he needs to fight.  When you think about it he hasn’t fought in six months.  So it’s not only about fighting for a title but also from a financial standpoint.  It’s frustrating.  You signed to fight; you signed a bout agreement so let’s fight.

I don’t think it’s going to hurt us. We want to fight ”“ we didn’t get who we wanted- but we want to fight.  Whether they put in a replacement or whatever, we don’t get the fight we want.  We wanted to go out with a bang and to fight for a title.  If they put in a replacement it’s highly disappointing and not motivating in any way.  At this point we have to sit down and see what they throw at us and take it from there. To me, unless we’re fighting Luke, nothing makes sense.  If he won’t fight us in Strikeforce we want to fight him in the UFC.  He’s got to fight us some way, somehow.


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