Strikeforce featherweight Ronda Rousey may only be 5’6” and possess a bubbly exterior capped off by long blonde hair and infectious smile but make no mistake ”“ she’s as dangerous an opponent as can be found in her respective division. That point was driven home last weekend at Strikeforce Challengers 20 when “Rowdy” Ronda locked opponent Julia Budd into an Armbar and snapped her elbow in two after Budd refused to tap.

Rousey was recently a guest on Inside MMA where she explained what the grotesque submission felt like, comparing it to a familiar feeling typically taking place at this time of year.

“Oh yeah”¦you know like, when you’re”¦well, its Thanksgiving”¦you know when you’re preparing a turkey and kind of like, tearing things off? It felt like that except in like a very sensitive area,” Rousey explained to the panel when asked if she knew she’d disassembled Budd’s arm.

Rousey Says She's Not Out to Make Friends in the Ring

On the topic of Turkey Day, Rousey also explained she was especially excited this year because she’ll actually get to eat for once instead of dieting for judo/MMA.

Check out the full video below along with a demonstration from Rousey on how she approaches Armbars with host Bas Rutten serving as her willing victim”¦


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