Dana White is controversial. The man has said and done so many controversial things that it’s pretty much a fact of life by now. One of his most-recent controversies involves the would-be trilogy match-up pitting Brock Lesnar against arch-rival Frank Mir for the third and last time. The rumored bout was announced by White himself, but in a recent interview, White said that an extremely negative fan reaction to this bout may force him to reconsider.

Here’s what the always-controversial Dana White had to say in a YouTube interview with Fighters Only Magazine: “I announced [Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir 3] at the Q&A yesterday, and I didn’t get a very popular response. People on my Twitter have been going crazy, saying ”˜we hate this [expletive] fight, no way’. So, listen, I believe my job is to give the fans the fight that they want to see, so, maybe I’ll rethink that.”

I have to agree wholeheartedly with the fans on this one. I really don’t want to see another Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir fight, at least not in the immediate future. It just seems like too much of a throw-away match, for lack of a better term. Allow me to explain.

Both men are at dubious points in their careers. Frank Mir just got done competing in one of the most boring UFC main event fights in recent history, a three-round snooze-fest that mercifully ended with him TKO’ing aging relic Mirko Filipovic. Mir’s act, for lack of a better term, has gotten old and stale. I’m tired of seeing him talk ridiculous amounts of trash only to get his face beaten in, or only for him to spend three rounds tip-toeing around the Octagon, afraid to engage with a striker that’s horrendously past his prime. Even with the big KO over Mirko Cro Cop, Mir’s credibility is pretty low right now.

The same holds true for Brock Lesnar, and this is coming from a guy that thinks that Brock Lesnar normally doesn’t get enough respect. His performance against Cain Velasquez was simply abysmal. Cain shrugged off his takedowns like they were nothing, he had Lesnar backpedaling and twirling the entire fight, and Cain made beating Brock look easy. The vultures were circling to begin with, but now they’re in a feeding frenzy over Lesnar. The cynics are practically falling over themselves in their rush to say things like “Brock Lesnar is garbage” or “Brock Lesnar should just retire” or even “Brock Lesnar will go back to the WWE”. What Lesnar needs right now is a huge win, not a third fight with Frank Mir.

Honestly, Lesnar vs. Mir 3 wouldn’t have proved anything, and hopefully Dana White is serious when he talks about shelving this fight. Neither Lesnar nor Mir seem to have evolved much as fighters since their second fight at UFC 100 in July of 2009, and that’s really the only way a third fight works. Lesnar vs. Mir 3 would have been a painfully obvious attempt to salvage the credibility of the winner at the expense of the loser. It’s not a fight I want to see, not by a long shot, and I’m glad that a lot of people agree with me.

But what about you, fans and friends? What are your feelings on Lesnar/Mir 3 and the fact that it may be cancelled/shelved?

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