I was very surprised with UFC 138. Other than Thiago Alves, Chris Leben, and Mark Munoz, it wasn’t a card with household names, yet the lesser-known guys had some great performances. Terry Etim was gone for an extended period of time and then caught the guy in a Guillotine Choke after a great combination. Terry is a big guy at lightweight and he’s someone to keep your eye on.

Anthony Perosh needs to work on his stand up but his submissions are incredible. He’s great on the ground. If he works on his stand up, he’s definitely someone to look forward to.

Brad Pickett and Renan Barao were great! Pickett is tough. He comes to win, he throws hands, has good power, and a great chin. Barao though, he is for real. That knee he connected with was incredible and the way he jumped to take his back was effortless. He’s well-rounded and showed a good chin as well. I’m excited to see him fight again. He should definitely be on a PPV card next.

Che Mills showed very good power, knocking out Chris Cope. That was my first time seeing him fight, but you could tell that he’s there to fight. Hopefully we see him back soon. I think he’s going to be good at 170.

Alves, with the help of Mike Dolce who as I always say is the best when it comes to teaching guys to cut weight, looked really good. He’s always had great stand up but I was very impressed with his stand up and he saw the opportunity to finish with a choke and he did. Papy Abedi might not be well-known but he had a good track record and it was a good win for Thiago.

Leben vs. Munoz was a good fight while it lasted. I think Chris just run out of gas. Munoz with his wrestling and when you have to fight your way back up against someone as strong as Munoz, it gasses you out. Munoz is one of the best guys as far as ground and pound and he cut Leben up. Even though the cut stopped the fight, I think Leben knew he couldn’t recover before the third round while Munoz was ready to go. I won a bet with someone and now that person owes me some shots.

I’m really looking forward to Junior dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez, just like everyone else I suppose. I think the fight will depend on who can impose their will. I think JDS has a little edge in the striking. He has better technique and power and Cain has been out with a shoulder injury, which makes it hard to train stand up. Cain is the superior wrestler though and I think he can control JDS on the ground. He has great ground and pound as well. I think they both have great chins but I’m going with Cain. He has more gas in his tank then some lightweights, so the longer the fight goes, the more it favors him. JDS has never really gassed but I think Cain will out-work him.

I’m headed to Anaheim for the show. I’m really excited because it’s a great card and I get to just enjoy it. I love cornering guys and helping them prepare, but it’s going to be nice to just enjoy the fights and not have to worry about anything else.

Juan Manuel Marquez looks great so I’ll be interested to see how he does against Manny Pacquiao tonight. He was in the gym this week and he’s in terrific shape but I think the weight will be too much for him. I know it’ll be a great fight though. He’s not gonna lay down for anybody. If he gets dropped, everyone knows he’ll get back up. I think the weight will be too much though. Pacquiao has gradually moved up and has looked good. Marquez weighed himself on Wednesday and barely made 140.4 and the fight is at 144. He’s just much smaller.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy the fights and until next time, make sure to keep up with me on Twitter (@mastermitter).

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