After a recent parting of ways it appears the UFC has brought back one of the sport’s premier talents with the anticipated homecoming taking place as soon as this month. No, not Dan Henderson, but rather former ring-girl Brittney Palmer!

While some fans may have expected the UFC to steal away Kelli Hutcherson from Strikeforce given Zuffa’s handling of talent since purchasing the struggling promotion, Palmer’s card-carrying credentials apparently made the difference along with the public’s overwhelming appreciation for her well-rounded set of skills.

The decision to slot the 24-year old onto a future lineup came after UFC President Dana White took to the people via Twitter, polling them on whether or not they wanted to see her brought back after Palmer opted out of her deal to pursue her education/career in art.

White Discusses Palmer's Departure

After intense research, fans cast their votes with an overwhelmingly positive response followed by mild sleepiness (based on how late the proceedings took place of course).

No specifics were given beyond her pending return and Palmer had not released a statement yet as of this posting.

**Disclaimer: This article was not written to allow the author to search for an appropriate banner picture, as it is serious UFC-related news**


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