Since winning the title in a "Knockout of the Night" performance over Brock Lesnar over a year ago, Cain Velasquez has been fighting off injuries, the most serious of which was a torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder requiring surgery. As a result of the damage and procedure the UFC heavyweight champ was told that he would have to take as much as 6-8 months away from training.

A Sneak Peak at Velasquez on UFC Primetime

Velasquez has recently talked about his recovery from the injury in an interview with L.A. Times, saying, “I had a lot of trust in my doctors. I just followed their instructions through the rehab and I just slowly felt the progress from the beginning of how much better it was getting, up until I got back into the weight room and got things back to where I was before. My body is 100%.”

After a successful surgery the workhorse had to remain inactive until fully healed, perhaps the most difficult aspect of the entire situation.

“It took five months of not doing anything. It was hard, but I knew the less I did the faster I would come back, and I have," the undefeated grappler explained.

However, more than rest, the support he was given by his family during the trying time assisted with Velasquez revealing, “(They) kind of kept my head from being too down, being around my family and being positive with them. They helped me through it.”

Now 100%, Velasquez is to fight # contender Junior dos Santos when UFC hits the FOX airwaves on November 12.


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