Middleweight Cung Le may only have ten tilts to his name in MMA but he’s still at a stage where his appearances in the cage are certainly numbered. The 40-year old striker came to the sport after a storied run in San Shou where he found success in Strikeforce before eventually signing with the UFC. Regardless, at 8-2, Le has shown himself to be a tremendous talent even if his career will unfortunately be limited by age.

While some fighters who are past their physical prime have opted to use TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) to continue competing, Le isn’t interested in prolonging his run in the ring through the controversial practice and will be happy to hang up his gloves when his body tells him it’s time.

“I feel that if other athletes have low levels, and a doctor prescribes it, then that's their decision to make. My decision is that I've gone this far without it, so I just want to finish out my career without the use of it,” said Le in an interview with Bloody Elbow.

Le’s opponent at UFC on Fuel 6, Rich Franklin, has been linked to TRT in the past though recently came forward with a position similar to Le’s. However, even if Franklin had come to a different decision the situation still wouldn’t have bothered Le.

Franklin Elaborates on TRT Stance

“If Rich decides to do it or not, it's his decision. For me, it just doesn't change the gameplan. My back kick won't discriminate. It will connect the same way and do the same damage,” explained Le, touching on his previous statement about avoiding TRT himself. “I've gone this far without assistance, so why mess with a good thing? If it ain't broke, don't fix it.”

“I'm 40 years old. I know I won't be fighting until I'm 50. But I do know that I've got a couple more good fights left in me,” he concluded.

The bout between Le-Franklin is set to headline the December 10 event, also the UFC’s first show in China. Le is coming off a decision win over Patrick Cote in July, while Franklin took out Wanderlei Silva by like means a few weeks prior.


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