Go ahead”¦look at the picture. Take as long as you'd like, I’ll give you a few minutes. Back yet? Good. ufc “Octagon Girl” Arianny Celeste usually gets men's blood boiling just by stepping foot into a room, but now the popular ring girl has her blood boiling over leaked photos of her recent nude pictorial in the famed “Playboy” magazine. The “scans” of her baring it all hit the net yesterday, and Arianny is less than amused. Here are all the details.

The photos spread like wildfire from their original source, and have been featured on a myriad of MMA websites. Celeste posted the following to her Twitter account recently: “Thanks to a lame mma site 4 ruining it for my fans. Prepare for a cease and desist letter from @ufc @playboy and my attorney. What a shame.”

And if you’re wondering, fans and friends, yes I’ve seen the photos. You can see them too if you’d like, but don’t expect any links here. Google is your friend. In regards to my opinion of them, once I picked my jaw up off the floor from the sheer shock of seeing Ms. Celeste nude, I came to realize that she’s had better pictorials. Sometimes leaving a little to the imagination goes a long way. They’re definitely hot as hell, but she’s looked hotter. And in case anyone thinks I’m pulling the “internet Casanova” card, if anyone thinks I’m coming off as the kind of arrogant internet nerd who says he’s been with hotter females and that the female everyone is talking about doesn’t nearly measure up to some of his bedroom conquests, I’ll say right now that I’d be all over that in a New York minute. So there you have it.

But what did Arianny expect, in all honesty? This is the internet, after all. If it exists, you can download it on the internet for free and with relatively little hassle, so long as you know where to look. No matter what it is or even what its release date was supposed to be, someone somewhere has a working link to it. Someone somewhere has it up for download as a.pdf or a .jpg or an .mp3 or an .avi or an .mpg. Someone, somewhere, in all that nether, is seeding it and leeching it as we speak. It’s inevitable. Welcome to the internet, folks.

I still stand by my previous views when it comes to MMA piracy, and that includes this little scandal: you can’t stop the virus. Those looking to profit off of your hard work should be rightly found out and held accountable. I don’t like that, I don’t support it, I think it’s true piracy and it needs to be stopped. But the underground will always exist. And they don’t forgive, they don’t forget, they have over 9,000 members and they are all uploading media. And congratulations if you get the reference.

So what do you think on this issue, fans and friends? Is Celeste justified in wanting to take the leaked photos down as soon as possible, or is she over-reacting?

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