A night of exciting action at UFC 136 was capped off by the performance of Frankie Edgar who took home the evening’s “Knockout of the Night” bonus for his incredible comeback against rival Gray Maynard. Though history repeated itself in the opening round of their headlining tilt with Maynard hurting Edgar early, things unfolded a bit differently down the road after “The Answer” landed a few big shots in the fourth round and finished things off shortly thereafter. In addition to the distinction, Edgar was also handed $75,000 for his showing as were the rest of his bonus-winning peers.

“Submission of the Night” and the attached money went to Joe Lauzon after landing a solid strike to Melvin Guillard’s chin, then mopping up the damage done with a Rear-Naked Choke in the first minute of the fight’s action. The win marked Lauzon’s seventeenth submission in twenty-one total victories with the bonus being his sixth consecutive event-specific award.

Though there were a number of bouts to choose from, “Fight of the Night” went to the rematch between Leonard Garcia and Nam Phan. While Phan ultimately took home the Unanimous Decision nod, MMA fans all exited the match-up as winners after the two featherweights' back-and-forth battle for fifteen minutes highlighted by the overall gutsiness of both competitors. As expected, both men were given an additional $75,000 for the honor.


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