Middleweight contender Chael Sonnen has never been one to hold back when expressing his feelings. Regardless of whether the words coming out of his mouth are fair assessments or over-the-top ridiculousness, the things he says always come from a place of unfiltered honesty.

Sonnen recently addressed his gift of gab during the build up to his fight this evening against Brian Stann at UFC 136 and, true to form, he didn’t hold back in any regard.

“The media has found me, I didn’t come find them,” said Sonnen in a conversation with the UFC’s website in terms of the attention his words often draw. “I didn’t create a persona or sit around and come up with things to say. I don’t have any idea what you’re gonna ask me, or the next guy or any of the fans at a Q&A. I’m just up there with a microphone and doing my level best. But I haven’t changed anything; they’ve just come to me. I was the top draw when I was with Bodog, I was the top draw when I was with the IFL, and I was the top draw when I was in the WEC, and for all these same reasons. They just didn’t have the platform that Zuffa has. So I’m not doing anything different.”

“People like respect and I’m the only respectful fighter in the whole sport,” he continued. “A lot of other fighters have a real misunderstanding that lying and dishonesty is respectful. They love to bow to your face and stick a knife in your back the first chance they get. I don’t. I’ll tell you like it is to your face and then I’ll stick the knife in your back because I told you that if you turn around I’ll put a knife in your back. And that’s the difference with me. I’m honest and I’m respectful. And these guys love to say ”˜Chael doesn’t have any respect.’ Well, check your dictionary at the local junior high that you flunked out of. I’m absolutely respectful and absolutely honest as well. You guys are a bunch of liars.”

“People hang on every word I say,” he elaborated. “People are always disappointed when I’m not talking. I do an MMA show on ESPN and they blow a fit when I’m not on there. People are throwing a protest right now online that the UFC put out their commercial for (UFC 136) and they show the two title fights and they didn’t show me and Stann. Of course people would be upset, and I don’t blame them ”“ I’m upset too. I like hearing myself as well.”

Sonnen will trade in soundbytes for in-ring skill where talking is concerned with the streaking Stann in his way of earning a rematch against UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva.

“He’s a tough guy in front of everything else,” Sonnen explained of Stann. “He’s a real brute. He’s big and strong and he’s got a big heart, good cardio, and he can punch hard. I also think he kicks really well. He fought Jorge Santiago, who sucks, but he buckled him with a kick, and I’ve seen him use those big, powerful kicks to soften other guys up too. He used them well in the WEC back when he was kinda green. He was green in the WEC and he still won the title. So he’s absolutely a natural in there, but if I had to describe him in a word, it would probably be ”˜brute.’ He’s that big, strong, tough guy that comes to fight.”

Stann Says He Can KO Sonnen with Any Punch

“It’s almost the opposite of the last guy I fought,” he concluded on the decorated Marine. “The last guy I fought was a little dancing chicken, and this guy’s more of a man that will come out and draw a line in the Octagon and say put your toe on it and let’s go.”

Fans can watch them “go” at it during the PPV portion of tonight’s card when things fire up at 9:00 PM EST. UFC 136 is headlined by dual title-fights with Jose Aldo defending his featherweight belt against Kenny Florian and Frank Edgar putting his lightweight strap on the line against Gray Maynard for the second straight time.


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