The much-talked about super-fight between UFC champions Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre appears to be just that - talk. UFC President Dana White addressed the potential match-up over the weekend while discussing UFC on FX 5 and made it clear the bout between Silva and St-Pierre isn't likely unless both men win their next fights and even then it still could remain a matter of fantasy.

“That GSP/Anderson Silva fight is just talk, it’s not reality," explained White.

Silva is slated to battle Stephan Bonnar next weekend in a return to 205 pounds, while St-Pierre has his own test in front of him with Carlos Condit waiting for a November clash.

"I know a lot of people are counting Stephan Bonnar out and think that this fight is a joke and everything else," began White, elaborating on the challenges both men will face in the coming months. "Stephan Bonnar has never been finished in the UFC, he’s never been knocked out, he’s never been submitted by anybody and he’s been fighting all the best at 205 his entire career. From Jon Jones to you name it, he’s fought them all."

“Georges St-Pierre, the fight with Carlos Condit is no joke. Carlos Condit’s a real guy and a tough guy. Honestly and I mean this, this is no bullsh*t, we will see what happens with those two fights,” White concluded.

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GSP has also said he wants to clear out the welterweight division before going up in weight as he'd need to to face Silva. As such, for now, it looks like fans will simply have to enjoy the offerings from both legends on their own before being concerned with the two throwing down inside the Octagon.


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