This is my first blog at and I’m excited to give you all a little insight into my world as I prepare to fight Rick Story in November at UFC 139. Things are really starting to pick up in terms of preparing for the bout so it’s definitely an exciting time.

Two weeks ago I got back from a visit to Denmark. My wife gave birth to our baby son, Xander, about two months ago and we went back to Denmark to show him off to family and friends. I did a light workout almost daily when in Denmark, taught some seminars, and enjoyed some time off with my family.

Since my return to Vegas I’ve been gearing up training and focusing on getting my cardio back into fight-shape. Camp officially started for me two weeks ago so now that’s all I am going to focus on until the fight. My challenge has always been over-training so I’m making sure I take all the right steps so I peak when fight time arrives on November 19 against Story.

Right now I am working on all areas of my game. I usually split up the different training sessions into morning and night sessions and I work on different aspects of the game every day. By example Tuesday and Thursday nights are usually stand up days with live sparring. Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings are Jiu Jitsu or wrestling focused and so on. My training sessions usually begins at 9 am ”“ 11.30 am and night training is from 5-7 pm.

My Opponent at UFC 139

As far as Story, I think he’s definitely a tough opponent. He’s a really good wrestler and he did well against Thiago Alves. He comes forward and can take some big shots like the punches he ate against Alves.

I know I need to keep my takedown defense sharp. I think he’s going to try and take me down so I have to be prepared. Obviously his biggest asset is his wrestling so that’s what I’ve got to watch out for. But his stand up game is not to be underestimated either.

UFC 135 Results

UFC 135 was a good and exciting fight card. Jon Jones definitely impressed me with his performance. As far as what it might take to beat him, I think it’s going to be extremely tough. He looks almost unstoppable. The guy I’d really like to see him fight the most is Lyoto Machida. I think Jones would probably still win but it is an interesting match up.

With the Matt Hughes and Koscheck fight, I actually felt Hughes was doing really well before he got clipped. He really impressed me before that. His striking looked a lot better than it has in the past but he got caught, got hurt, and Josh Koscheck capitalized on it. In terms of what he plans to do with his future is up to him but I think he can still compete because he looked good before getting knocked out.

Facebook Updates

Last thing before I check out for this week. I recently changed my Facebook page to a fan page (Martin Kampmann) so please make sure to check it out. I will post videos and updates of my fight camp.

There has been some confusion about my Facebook page as a different person has been trying to impersonate me with a different Martin Kampmann page. I’ve heard he even posts stuff on his Wall as though I said it. I’ve already contacted Facebook so hopefully they can resolve it. My page has a profile picture of me standing at the weigh-ins so it should not be hard to miss.

Anyways, that’s it for now. Keep checking back each week to get updates on how my training for Story is going as well as whatever else might come up along the way. Thanks again. Make sure to check me out on Twitter too (@MartinKampmann).


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