Forrest Griffin sent journalists scrambling yesterday when he said on a podcast he had tested positive for Xanax after his UFC 101 loss to pound-for-pound king Anderson Silva. In addition to being a surprise considering Griffin's popularity and the silence surrounding the situation prior to the former champion's admission, it also left people wondering if he was actually punished for the infraction.

It turns out he was indeed, suffering both fine and short suspension as a result.

Griffin Explains Why He Kept Drug Test Hush-Hush

Greg Sirb, the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission, confirmed with MMAWeekly that Griffin did indeed test positive and all of the information was listed in the Association of Boxing Commissions' database.  Sirb said, “On August 8 of 2009 he got a suspension, he had to take a re-test, he got a fine, everything was satisfied and it states specifically in the database ”˜must contact PA commission before next bout.’”

According to Sirb, they had a very good reason for not announcing the suspension.

“It’s just how we list our drug tests. We have very strong HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) laws here just like the Nate Marquardt situation.” Sirb concluded, “I can’t make these public declarations, but he was clearly in the database the day he was suspended.”

Sirb also said that Griffin met all requirements to satisfy the commissions protocols after they test positive in a drug test, allowing him to fight Tito Ortiz a couple of months after the suspension ended.


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