It’s no secret UFC President Dana White doesn’t get along with heavyweight Roy Nelson. The outspoken executive has been extremely critical of Nelson’s rotund physique in the past, calling him the “ultimate underachiever” based on his apparent refusal to take his career seriously, while Nelson has questioned White’s business practices before and labeled him as a nagging wife. However, it seemed the two had at least improved their relationship in the last few months as evident by Nelson’s opportunity to serve as a coach on the current season of the Ultimate Fighter.

Unfortunately, it appears whatever good will had been established evaporated quickly once the two started working together on set.

“It hasn’t been good. It’s a nuisance,” said White in an interview on UFC Tonight when asked about Nelson’s time on the show. “I don’t know whether it’s good TV or not, but at the end of the day what people really have to understand is, the Ultimate Fighter isn’t about good TV ”“ it’s about finding the best guys. We bring in these coaches because we believe these guys have something to offer, not just in training but knowledge and experience and all these other things.”

White Feels Nelson Focuses on the Wrong Things in Life

While White didn’t deny “Big Country” possesses a number of the qualities he’d hoped for, Nelson’s antics were a different story altogether, making him, “by far the worst coach to deal with” in White's opinion.

The two have already butted heads this season when Nelson advised fighters to play it safe and score wins as easily as possible in comparison to White wanting them to go all out. Another exchange has been teased for this week’s episode as well involving Nelson’s skepticism about the accuracy of the NAC’s scale.

Check out the full clip with White below:


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