Even if Pat Barry wasn’t consistently one of the most charming, hilarious individuals in Mixed Martial Arts there’s a good chance he’d still be immensely popular given his fan-friendly approach to competition. However, in a professional endeavor involving high-level athletes trying to knock your block off, Barry is well-aware of the risk involved in his preference to strike first, ask questions later.

Of course, that doesn’t mean he’ll be changing things up anytime soon.

Barry Opens Up About Latest Loss

“That’s the name of the game,” the UFC heavyweight said in an interview on UFC.com, before elaborating, “We’re gonna knock people out and we’re gonna get knocked out, there’s no avoiding that part of it. I was lucky enough to go a really long time without ever having to come across it, but if you can’t accept getting knocked out or losing or getting hit, then this is the wrong sport to be in.”

“Sometimes, you’re just gonna get hit,” he continued. “That’s part of the game and part of what happens. In the Cheick Kongo fight, I lost the fight, but I was definitely winning beforehand. I was winning the fight; I think I might have even won the fight twice before he came along with his win. But that’s what happens.”

Continuing on the topic of his loss to Kongo this past June, the 32-year old kickboxer playfully reflected, “I thought I had won the fight when I was lying on my back in the center of the Octagon. I said ”˜What do you mean I’m out? He’s out, y’all are crazy.’ As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know I was lying on my back. When the doctor said, can you try to sit up for me, I remember saying ”˜How am I gonna sit up when I’m already standing? You’re the worst doctor ever. You should be fired.’”

Rather than looking at things in a negative light, the ever-optimistic Barry took a silver-lining away from the dark cloud hovering over the fight’s result.

“Once I realized what happened, it was almost a bit of a relief. My entire career has gone knowing that eventually I will be knocked out. And every time I step into the ring or the Octagon, there is that little bit of ”˜oh sh*t, is this gonna be the time?’ And that’s stressful. And every time I got out of a fight, I go ”˜Woo, I escaped it again.’ I had gone ten years escaping it, ten years of training and fighting and sparring at practice. And it finally happened, so it’s kinda like a big relief. Now I don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

Barry’s next test will come tomorrow night at UFC Live 6 when he faces Stefan Struve, a towering 21-5 youngster who is a foot taller than Barry and has finished nineteen of the opponents he’s beaten. The UFC Live 6 card is headlined by Dominick Cruz defending his bantamweight title against human Energizer Bunny Demetrious Johnson.


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