Brash welterweight Josh Koscheck recently joked at a press conference for UFC 135 about not having enough time due to the short notice nature of his fight with Matt Hughes to fully unleash his trash-talking skills. However, based on at least the blog he’s been writing during the lead up to the fight, is still doing his damndest.

“Hughes’ time has passed, and his days are numbered until Saturday and then I think he will walk away from fighting. He's been great, but that only gets you so far in this sport,” the Ultimate Fighter alum blogged on Canadian outlet SportsNet.

Hughes Unsure About Future After UFC 135

“I'm not trying to disrespect (him),” Koscheck continued. “The fact is he's done a lot as a representative of the sport, he's been a great champion, and we actually are a lot alike in that we both say what we think and feel and who care if anyone likes it or not.

“If people don't like me, who cares, I keep it real. Don't tune in. Actually, do tune in and see if I actually do get my ass kicked,” the 33-year old concluded on the topic of whether his words might rub fans the wrong way.

If you’re among the people interested in seeing just that occur, or possibly the final fight of a storied career, make sure to tune in tomorrow night on PPV starting at 9:00 PM EST.


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