The reaction from news relating to UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva’s decision to move up to 205 pounds for a fight with Stephan Bonnar at UFC 153 has been one of curiosity, with many wondering why the organization would book an all-time great like Silva against someone with Bonnar’s lacking credentials. While the Las Vegas odds-makers have echoed the sentiment through betting lines where Bonnar is a 13:1 underdog, Silva himself isn’t so sure victory is a given on October 13.

“I'll be heavier, slower and weaker than Bonnar. I have to believe I can KO him, but that's tough,” admitted Silva in an interview with TATAME. He also added that he’ll be facing a heavyweight come showtime, not someone as close to 205 pounds as he’ll be on the night of the fight.

Bonnar has never been knocked out in his career with both of his TKOs involving a cut-based stoppage. He’s also on a three-fight winning streak and has already said he is approaching the bout as though he has nothing to lose, a dangerous proposition for someone with someone of Silva’s status.

"The American Psycho" Sees No Shame in Losing to Silva

If Silva gets by Bonnar, as many think he will, it looks like he’ll start focusing on a showdown with welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre in hopes of seeing the super-fight materialize.

“I hope (St-Pierre) is my next fight. I believe everybody wants to see that fight,” explained Silva.


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