One of the underlying storylines on this season of the Ultimate Fighter is the dynamic between coaches Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson. The two talented heavyweights are among the most powerful punchers in MMA and will face off after the show’s conclusion, yet it seems the personal animosity between the two has overshadowed any sort of professional rivalry.

Carwin offered up his thoughts on “Big Country” in a recent interview where he explained his dislike of Nelson stems from the way his rival represents himself.

"I think he puts on a front. He claims to be this average guy and that's who his audience is - that he's this average dude fighting ”“ and he's anything but that,” explained Carwin in a conversation with MMAFightCorner. “The guy's never had a job in his life. And that's how I grew up. I grew up poor and I had a job at 15. I was working construction, throwing boxes, working in factories. For me to get where I got, it was a hard route of labor and that guy's never even had a job. For him to sit there and talk to blue collar people, and me and my people, that stuff's bullsh*t and it pisses me off."

Carwin: "I hate Roy Nelson as a person."

While Carwin’s feelings towards Nelson were negative in general, it doesn’t sound emotions ever boiled over on set based on the way the opposing teams’ schedules were set up in addition to Carwin’s focus on the contestants rather than the coaches.

“Working with somebody that you dislike is kind of rough. You got those people at the office, you're both trying to get coffee and you don't like each other. There's not a lot to be said,” stated Carwin. “Obviously it was those eight individuals, those kids”¦that's what we're there for is to make them better”¦and not only a better fighter, but a better person and becoming successful in life and giving them the tools and the foundation on how to do that.”

Fans can catch Carwin/Nelson (as well as the rest of the TUF 16 cast) every Friday night on FX at 10:00 PM EST.


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