In any sport it’s important to have a consistent routine in order to maintain an athlete’s edge. Likewise, any extended absence from competition is likely to have a negative impact on one’s performance. In MMA the term often associated with the aforementioned issue is “ring rust”, and in the case of UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre he knows he’s bound to experience some in a few months when he returns to the Octagon after more than 18 months on the sidelines.

St-Pierre hasn’t fought since April 2011 after suffering a pair of knee injuries while training. He is scheduled to come back on November 17 where he’ll defend his belt against interim title-holder Carlos Condit at UFC 154.

“Unfortunately, I won't be able to avoid it too much because I haven't fought for a while. There's nothing like fighting,” admitted St-Pierre in an interview with Sherdog. "The good thing is Carlos hasn't fought for a long time too. He fought Nick Diaz almost a year [ago]. For me, it will be a year and half, for him almost a year. We're going to be close.”

St-Pierre Out to Finish Condit to Prove Critics Wrong

While St-Pierre understands it might take a little time inside the Octagon before he’s fully acclimated, he’s excited about the opportunity to test himself despite the adversity.

“It’s gonna be tough on me to come back but it’s a new challenge and I’m ready to face it,” said St-Pierre.

The longest absence from the ring St-Pierre has dealt with prior to his upcoming bout is a little over eight months, though he looked sharp in his return en route to beating Dan Hardy by way of a clear-cut decision. “Rush” holds an overall record of 22-2 and has won nine consecutive clashes including six straight title-defenses.


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