Not many people would consider themselves fortunate to be fighting the best pound-for-pound Mixed Martial Artist in the sport in his hometown without a full camp to prepare for the bout. Then again, Stephan Bonnar has never been anything other than extraordinarily unique.

Bonnar has been entertaining fans since first emerging on the original Ultimate Fighter and solidified his spot in UFC history thanks to his performance against Forrest Griffin at the finale. Now he’s on the cusp of the biggest opportunity of his career when it looked like his run in the Octagon might be at an end.

The 35-year old “American Psycho” recently opened up on his October outing against Anderson Silva and, rather than show concern or ask to have his back patted, Bonnar’s attitude was one of overwhelming appreciation.

“It's just amazing how overnight I go from my phone never ringing to the coolest guy around,” said Bonnar in an interview with MMAJunkie. “He's the best guy on everyone's pound-for-pound list, he's got 15 straight UFC victories, been a champion for six years or so. It's great, though, because I feel like I have nothing to lose. Fighting Anderson in his backyard, I'm a record-setting underdog. I couldn't ask for anything more."

Prior to the pairing Bonnar considered himself a former fighter for the most part after failing to land a big match-up as he hoped he would after seven years in the sport and a three-fight winning streak under his belt. To hear Bonnar tell it, he’s still having to pinch himself after landing the scrap with Silva.

Bonnar Explains Frustration with Lack of a Marquee Fight

“It really went from me being retired to the biggest fight I could ever dream of having ”“ overnight. Life is funny sometimes,” he said contentedly.

UFC 153 is scheduled for October 13 in Rio de Janeiro.


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