Former WEC middleweight champion “Ely” Paulo Filho (16-1) responded Saturday to the accusations that he is on steroids made exclusively to by Strikeforce light heavyweight champion “Dreamcatcher” Gegard Mousasi (22-2-1).

"People gets sad because I say the truth in my interviews, but I think he’s not enough to beat me and that’s it," Filho told Tatame. "Mousasi didn’t like with the truth I said."

Wary of the seriousness of Mousasi's accusations, held the video interview in which Mousasi makes his accusation for a week and contacted Filho's Brazilian manager, known as "Joinho", three times for a response before posting the interview. Joinho only initially responded, "I think it might be a lawsuit."

Satuday in Rio, Filho offered Mousasi a different resolution, "He’s very competent, has a beautiful future in MMA, but he said that and will have to be a man to face me inside the rings, after that he can say whatever he wants. He can be better in striking, what don’t say a shit to me, but we’ll fight and I have my jiu-jitsu and that’s it."

However, Mousasi told he wouldn't fight Filho without an athletic commission-administered drug test. "If there’s an athletic commission test, he can fight me everywhere, everywhere he wants."

Both fighters are contracted to Japanese MMA promotion DREAM, but Mousasi won't fight Filho in Japan. "What happened when [Filho] came to America, he wasn’t...he got beat up really bad. Now he’s back in Japan and he feels like a kid in a candy story, I think. He can use all kinds of steroids. You saw what happened when other fighters came from Japan, when they fought in the US, and how they performed."

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