's tenth-ranked heavyweight “Pitbull” Andrei Arlovski (14-7) has postponed his previously planned professional boxing debut anticipated for the end of September or early October to focus on MMA, Arlovski announced at Wednesday night.

"MMA now is number one priority for me," Arlovski assured fans during a video chat, but he hasn't buried his squared circle aspirations, adding, "Definitely, I want to try [boxing]." Arlovski also announced he's considering competing at a North American Grappling Association event, saying, "I've been working on my jiu-jitsu."

"I'm 30 years old. It's not over," Arlovski emphasized about his future in mixed martial arts. "What's happened has happened. I'm ready to go and ready to fight."

Arlovski envisioned returning to MMA in December at a slimmed-down 238-240 pounds, but stopped short of announcing a fight or that he's signed a contract with a promotion.

Arlovski did reiterate his desire to rematch fellow former UFC champ "Maine-iac" Tim Sylvia (24-6). "Any time, any day," challenged Arlovski. When asked whether he or Sylvia would be the first to return to the UFC, Arlovski said, "Nobody don't want to sign Tim Sylvia."

Arlovski also weighed in on the announced autumn Strikeforce match-up between the last two men to knock Arlovski out, Heavyweight Champion "Last Emperor" Fedor Emelianenko (30-1) and "Grim" Brett Rogers (10-0).

"Brett Rogers can lose and go back and change his tires in his body shop. I want Fedor to win," Arlovski said.

Arlovski also addressed's story about Arlovski playing Russian roulette.

"Some guy on Internet said I played Russian roulette because I was depressed about losing," Arlovski said. "Let's get real here, guys. I didn't play Russian roulette because I was depressed that I lost to Brett Rogers. I wasn't depressed. I was just in a bad mood." stands by the published article.

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