Strikeforce light heavyweight champion "Dreamcatcher" Gegard Mousasi (22-2-1) responded to former WEC middleweight champion "Ely" Paulo Filho's (16-1) challenge exclusively to

"It annoyed me, actually," confided Mousasi. "Because I met Paulo Filho in PRIDE. He was a really nice guy." Mousasi later added, "I don't like to trash talk, but he says a lot of stupid things and I don't like it. If he wants competition and trash talking, I can do it also."

Filho told Tatame 20 August, "I want to fight Mousasi and show that against me is a whole different thing. He doesn’t have my strength, he doesn’t have my level on the ground. He can be a better striker, but he doesn’t have my strength and he’ll go down once and be submitted. He’s well trained, but I don’t think he’s healthy enough to beat me. If he wins, I don’t even want my salary. But, I guarantee he’ll be beaten more than he was against [Akihiro Gono (30-14-7)]."

Mousasi tapped to Gono in an armbar at PRIDE: Bushido 12 in Nagoya in August 2006.

Mousasi pointed out to, "What happened when [Filho] came to America, he wasn't...he got beat up really bad. Now he's back in Japan and he feels like a kid in a candy story, I think. He can use all kinds of steroids. And I think the steroids have gone to his head." queried Mousasi's accusation further and the young fighter made his case explicitly, explaining, "[Filho] didn't perform the same as he does in Japan as he does, how you say, in America. And now he suddenly has a big mouth again. I would say that he's a little donkey that, he's on steroids, he thinks he's a running horse. But, he's more like a little poney." Mousasi later added, "I really believe that he used steroids. He also backed out a couple of times when he had to fight Chael Sonnen. He said he was crazy. Maybe he is crazy. I don't know. I think he wasn't feeling very good mentally because he cannot use his magic stuff."

Mousasi also said, "You saw what happened when other fighters came from Japan, when they fought in the US, and how they performed." pointed out that Mousasi too fights in Japan, but Mousasi insisted, "I also fight in Japan and I don't use anything."

About fighting Filho, Mousasi said, "If there's an athletic commission test, he can fight me everywhere, everywhere he wants."

Though Filho's Brazilian manger, Joinho, originally responded to Mousasi's accusations threatening, "I think it might be a lawsuit," provided Joinho with a preview video of the interview upon request. No further response has been made to

Mousasi will next compete in DREAM's Super Hulk tournament in Japan this autumn.

Filho will fight Alex Schoenauer (13-9) at Bitetti Combat in Rio de Janeiro 12 September.

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