Swedens own Alxeander "The Mauler" Gustafsson had to postpone his fight against Jon "Bones" Jones because of a knee injury that rendered him unable to fight Jones, this led to Jones new challenger Daniel Cormier. How ever the Jones VS Cormier fight had to be postpone as well because of a leg injury that Jones suffered from. This has caused Gustafsson to demand that he gets to fight Jones before Cormier, the Swede has a huge amount of followers on Facebook and Instagram where he posts all his daily updates about hes training and fights. How ever UFC has denied Gustafsson this fight and only gives him the "You will face the winner"-promise.

The question on all fans minds right now is, will Gustafsson wait out his turn or will he take a fight while hes waiting for UFC 182 on Jan 3 to play out? The light heavyweight fighter Anthony Johnsson is a contender for the challenger fight and a meeting between Gustafsson and Johnsson could happened. Dana white has expressed interest in this fight, Johnsson said on Twitter that he was up for a fight VS the Swede. According to a report on UFC Tonight Gustafsson might be up for the fight. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

So we got the fighters wanting to do this, Dana White is up for it and both fighters Managers are saying they want it to happen, it would appear that Gustafsson-Johnson may be happening in a soon future. We will keep you updated about this and IF UFC sends out an official contract on this fight.

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