Veteran Referee Big John McCarthy recently took some heat for his stoppage in the main event at UFC Fight Night: Henderson Vs Dos Anjos. After McCarthy stopped the fight Henderson jumped to his feet and began walking around the octagon to prove he was still ok, but the replay tells a different story of what happened. Henderson was hurt with a knee to the body after he shot in on Dos Anjos, and as he scrambled back to his feet Dos Anjos connects with a left hand that drops him and a right hand that puts him out. The replay, embeded below, shows McCarthy jumping in and saving Henderson right after the right hand comes in.

In his book, McCarthy had no problems talking about fights where he said he felt he made a mistake, but he is holding strong to this decision. As he should.

He told MMAFighting:

"Benson got hit with several things that hurt him, and when Benson is just a tough fighter. When he got hit with a left/right hand that hurt him, and he stood his ground and started firing back, and then he got hurt with a knee that ended up putting him down and when he tried to get up he got hit with the left hand, and when he got hit with the left hand, he went unconscious. I saw him go unconscious, and that was the reason the fight came to an end and I would make the exact same decision 100 times.

"It’s the right thing to do, even though fans at times look at it and go, ‘no, you should have let it go.’ As a fan, I understand what they want, but you can’t have everything. And when you have a fighter in that position, we have fighters that get damaged, based upon things that happen after they’re unable to defend themselves. And as the referee, there’s no referee that wants to be responsible for that. And I’m not going to let that happen."

Courtesy of FOX SPORTS:

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