It looks like MMA fans were not the only individuals left salivating at the recent announcement stating UFC featherweight champ Jose Aldo would see action against former lightweight title-holder Frankie Edgar this October at UFC 153. In fact, Aldo found himself with a huge smile on his face as well after the long-anticipated bout became reality.

However, while Aldo expects a tremendous tilt to unfold once the cage door closes, he’s also confident he’ll prove why he’s considered as one of the top five pound-for-pound fighters in the world.

“The UFC made me very happy giving me this fight right now. It is a pleasure to fight with Edgar inside my country. I think this is going to be the fight of the year,” explained an excited Aldo in an interview with Bleacher Report, adding, “It is a great opportunity to show everyone I'm the best. I will be looking to finish the fight at all times.”

Edgar Sees Himself Eventually Returning to Lightweight Division

Aldo suspects speed will play a role in his success at the event, though not necessarily because either man has much of an advantage over the other but rather because of what the move down to featherweight will mean for Edgar.

“I think Edgar will lose a little bit of his speed at 145 pounds. At 155 pounds his speed made a big difference for sure but at 145 pounds I don't see any difference between him and the other fighters,” assessed Aldo.

UFC 153 is scheduled for October 13 in Rio de Janeiro. The bout will mark Aldo’s second straight title-defense in his home country of Brazil.


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