The biggest knockout of UFC 177 took place before the fighters even hit the scales. As reported on, former Bantamweight Champion Renan Barao was forced from the card hours before he was set to get on the scale at weigh ins. Until now, the only news was that Barao missed weight and passed out while trying to shed the last few pounds. Fans didn’t even get an update on Barao’s condition until the prelims were well underway. Barao was part of the Fox Sports 1 broadcast and he gave an interview about what happened, but he gave very few details as to what let up to him blacking out. UFC President Dana White scolded Barao at the post fight presser and even informed the media he wouldn’t be paid a dime.

In a recent interview with Globo, Nova Uniao founder Andre Pederneiras spoke about what happened.

"There were two pounds left to make 135 and it was still early here in Sacramento, around 1 p.m., and he just had to go down to the arena around 3p.m. We started the first rounds at the tub and, after approximately 20 minutes, when Barao was leaving the tub, he completely fainted. When he was going down, I held him, but he had so much cream on him, (he slipped) and his head touched the wall. We laid him on the ground but, from that moment on, he stayed out for a long time. That made us really scared. At the same time, we called UFC’s doctor and they called an ambulance.

“When the paramedics came to our room, they checked Barao’s vital signs and decided to take him to the hospital to analyze the situation better. So they had no other option but to give him an IV. When he had to go to the hospital, the UFC had to cancel the fight immediately. It was UFC’s option, and based on Barao’s situation, I saw no way how he could fight. We didn’t want this to happen because Barao trained really hard for three months for this fight. He was really well prepared for this rematch, but we saw this chance slip through our fingers in a situation we can’t control.

"When we get to Brazil, we will do more exams to evaluate everything and see how he is in every aspect. Then we will sit and talk… What I see is that he needs more time between fights so he doesn’t have to do training camps for five-round fights one after another. His body really needs some rest.”

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