UFC featherweight Chad Mendes doesn’t currently have a bout booked but it looks like he does of a time and place for his next fight, albeit one he’ll be waging inside a California courtroom rather than the cage. Mendes has been formally charged with battery relating to a July 29 incident where he is alleged to have sucker-punched an individual.

If found guilty, the 27-year old could end up paying a $2,000 fine and having to spend up to six months in jail. He will be arraigned on September 19.

A More Detailed Report of Mendes' Run In with the Law

Mendes narrowly avoided arrest last month after authorities responded to a call involving a large-scale bar fight in the featherweight’s hometown of Hanford, California. Though not one of the main culprits, Mendes refused to leave the scene and is then said to have struck one of the business’ patrons as he fled through the establishment’s back door. He was pursued by police for further questioning but managed to escape on foot.

No comment has come from Mendes on the matter though his legal team has denied the accuracy of the story being circulated by country officials.


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