Though his career is still blossoming, UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones has already faced a number of seasoned veterans in his career including former champions such as Lyoto Machida, Quinton Jackson, and Mauricio Rua. However, when he meets Dan Henderson in the Octagon at UFC 151 it will be a completely new experience for him based on the 41-year old’s use of Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

TRT has been a hot topic in MMA over the past few years, as a good deal of the community feels it is akin to using performance enhancing drugs while others argue it’s a natural substance an athlete needs to slow down the effects of aging. Jones gave his own opinion on the matter Tuesday during a conference call with media where his disdain for the practice was evident.

Jones Adamant a Win Over Henderson Will Not Result in Him Cleaning Out the Division

“I believe that if you’re healthy enough to play a sport you shouldn’t take any performance enhancing drugs or any testosterone. Fighters make a lot of money in their 20s, make a lot of money in their 30s, but when you’re in your 40s you’re in your 40s. I don’t think you should be able to take a drug to make you as strong as you were in your 30s,” said Jones, adding he had no problem with non-athletes using it in a safe, medicinal way.

The 25-year old Jones will find out how much, if at all, Henderson has been aided by TRT when they fight on September 1. However, for the time being, count “Bones” among the growing contingent of fighters, fans, promoters, and media members critical of TRT’s increased impact on the sport.


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